Belcastel, France(by lyli12)


Belcastel, France(by lyli12)




the stardust crusaders anime is cool and all but when is that jojo clamp doujin getting one.



#shout out to clamp for being successful enough to get their otp mpreg fan baby OC animated

some boy:  stop generalizing all men
some boy:  as a guy, i have to say, this is just how guys are, this is what the bros are like, im just saying whats on every guys mind, if your man says differently he's lying, real men don't ____, im a piece of shit
how to cut fabric for a cosplay


step 1: lay out fabric


step 2:



Realistically the king in an “oppressive regime that needs to be overthrown by the hero” doesn’t even have to be outwardly evil like “hahaha I am going to eat baby kittens tonight” or whatever. They can be just incompetent or indulge in escapism.


summer is real cute until every fuckin type of insect comes out of the 8th circle of hell


In case you thought I wasn’t serious, look at these stupid sketches.

Haikyuu!! Volume 8 → Bonus Chapter
Haikyuu!! Volume 8 → Bonus Chapter




DMAB/DFAB= Designated Male/Female At Birth

CAMAB/CAFAB= Coercively  Assigned Male/Female At Birth

Unless you’re trans and personally prefer to refer to yourself otherwise, I’d appreciate if you used these terms rather than “MtF/FtM” or “Male/Female bodied”, thank you.

CAMAB and CAFAB are associated with the intersex community, and there are those who consider it appropriative for those terms to be used to refer to dyadic or trans people.

CAMAB and CAFAB were originally created by trans women and then intersex people started identifying with them and started saying they created them so that they wouldn’t be associated with trans women. So yeah, there are those who consider it appropriative, but it’s because they’re transmisogynists. Anyone can use CAXAB language, because everyone is coercively assigned a gender at birth (i.e. no one chooses the gender they’re assigned), although for some it is more coercive than for others.